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20, Rak, Belarus, Minsk
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Lush on/ lets have incredible horror show

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TITS Mariia BOOBS 17 fotografií 17 photos
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PohlavíPár Žena + Žena
Sexuální orientaceBisexuál
Výška>5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Hmotnost100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
VlasyBlond vlasy
Etnická příslušnostBílá/Europoidní
JazykyRuština, Angličtina
Rodné město
Co mě vzrušuje
Hot men and cold whiskey
O mně
It is never lonely, but sometimes you are so missing ...
Co mě odpuzuje
Spitting, rudeness, rudeness
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Pondělí 8:00 – 22:00
Úterý 15:00 – 22:00
Středa 8:00 – 15:00
Čtvrtek 15:00 – 22:00
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Our LoveStory

In our world, if two opposites unite, sometimes the most unexpected things can become reality ☄ Like a sea blazing with fire in the light of the stars 🔥, like sand soaring up to the sky🌪, these opposites show that nothing is impossible 🌊

Why are we attracted to what we ourselves lack🌸? Why is a void crying in our hearts that cannot be filled until a miracle is found that will be able to fill this void🍀? This world is full of happiness, emotions and energy, and it depends only on you whether they want to communicate with you🌻

The brightest smiles in the world💄. The most sonorous laughter and the most sincere emotions. Have you ever seen such a thirst for life✨?

We are born with a cry, we die with a groan. All that remains is to live with laughter.

- The Man Who Laughs (Victor Hugo) 👨‍🎨🎨🎨

You are always trying to understand what is of interest to you. They are not like the rest. 🌗Constantly laughing and kissing like the last time. Don't try to be someone else. They have love and passion💥. Liveliness and such an incomprehensible attraction. I want to see and hear them🌹A hand reaches out in the hope of touching every moment of their relationship. So unearthly, so attractive, so magical and different🧜🧚‍♀️

She moved incredibly. Every movement and every wave of the hand💃. Every time I feel like I'm in a fairy tale. So light and so airy. 🦋

She looked straight into the soul. 🦊 Forced to look into the deepest eyes. Impossible to tear yourself away and walk away. Can't just turn off. You want to look at her forever.🌊

This was my favorite coffee shop on a busy avenue. It always smelled like cinnamon rolls🍪, hot chocolate and fresh flowers🍫. Incredibly delicious coffee and magical chocolate muffins🧁.

She entered with a very serious face and a pensive look.☕️ Nervously fiddling with the sleeve of a warm jacket and for a long time could not choose what she wanted. It was a cloudy day and I couldn't give up my favorite cake🍰 It was vital. By some coincidence, it was the last cupcake in that cafe. And then we almost got into a fight🙅‍♀️. For a chocolate muffin. That's when I realized that I could not live without a person who also loves chocolate. Who is ready to fight for his desires to the end💥. I need her here and now ❤️

🎈Правила нашей комнаты:🎈⭐️Our room rules:⭐️

💥 Уважай нас и наших друзей.

💥 Никогда не указывай нам что делать

💥 Не проси ничего без жетонов

💥 Если у тебя есть вопрос - пиши это в комментариях к чаевым

💥 Грубость и хамство запрещены

💥 Сквирт, плевки, сосать язык, какать и писать - ЗАПРЕЩЕНО

💥 Если хочешь что-то увидеть - плати согласно меню чаевых

💥 Открыть твою камеру или посмотреть твои фото стоит 39 жетонов!!!

💥 Унизить тебя один раз стоит 10 токенов!

💥 Здесь нет ничего бесплатно!!!


⚡️ Respect us and our friends.

⚡️ Never tell us what to do.

⚡️ Don't ask for anything without tokens

⚡️ If you have a question - write it in the tip comment

⚡️ Roughness and rudeness are prohibited

⚡️ Squirt, spitting, tongue sucking, *** and *** - FORBIDDEN

⚡️ If you want to see something - pay according to the tip menu

⚡️ Opening your camera or seeing your photos costs 39 tokens!!!

⚡️ It costs 10 tokens to humiliate you once!

⚡️ There is nothing for free here!!!

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Сыр косичка
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